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before it escaped Into the bluff or became lost in
the darkness of the raging blizzard.

But the storm gathered In strength and vio-
lence, and Eagle Plume was forced to summon
all of his remaining energies to reach the shelter
of the bluff before darkness and death should
overtake him. When, panting and exhausted,
he at last made his objective, he had long since
lost all sight and track of his game.

He rested briefly and then began to skirt the
!ee~side of the bluff for a suitable place to make
fire and camp. As he was doing this he sud-
denly became aware that the wolf was watching
him from a near-by snowr~bank. Cautiously he
turned in his tracks and levelled the long, cold
barrel of his gun straight between a pair of furtive
grey eyes—wild, slanted eyes, which looked
calmly at him like two pieces of grey flint. He
paused for a second and then pulled the trigger*
There wras a flash In the nipple—but no explosion™
The priming had been affected by the drifting

With his teeth he pulled the wooden stopper of
his powder-horn and poured dry powder Into
the pan, keeping his eyes on the steady gaze of
the wolf, which made no effort to move or escape.
As he deftly reloaded and primed his gun, he
spoke softly to the wolf In the manner of the
Indian, saying: